What are the coalition's core principles?

The coalition’s core principles are:

  • Responsibility: The company is ultimately responsible for maintaining and updating its capitalization information as a corporate record.  Equity holders also have an interest in the company’s capitalization information, which may include the right to use information pertaining to their specific holdings with other services and technologies for their own purposes. The extent of their access to such information is governed by company by-laws, investment, or other pertinent contractual agreements, as well as applicable laws and regulations.
  • Company Choice: The company has the right to use or transfer its capitalization information on or to whichever services and technologies it chooses to work with its capitalization information.
  • Collective Action: Service providers and technology platforms supporting companies and their equity holders should proactively work together to facilitate the portability of capitalization data in order to enable those companies and their equity holders to accurately, effectively, and efficiently exercise these rights.
What does membership include?

Membership includes quarterly meetings with the fellow members to discuss the upcoming format versions and the future of cap table equity data. The coalition also hosts subcommittees focused on different technological aspects of cap table data and regional differences.

How do you become a member?

Membership is company-based and requires approval by the coalition’s steering committee. To submit your request for a membership, please email join@opencaptablecoalition.com with your firm name, member of your organization who will serve as the public member, and anything else you would like presented to the steering committee for potential membership. Memberships are open on a cohort basis.

Is there any financial commitment to joining the coalition?

There is no financial commitment at this time.