OCF compliance

Data portability

Each of the coalition members will be working towards becoming Open Cap Table Format (OCF) compliant, so that founders and startup operators can use OCF providers, investors, and firms through a single cap table format. In short, this means no more messy cap table exchanges between law firms, VC firms, and other stakeholders.

open source code

Access the format

Take a look at the first iteration of the Open Cap Table Format, an open source format to enable a new, more collaborative era in capitalization data management that aims to prioritize companies’ changing needs and help the ecosystem become more efficient.

GitHub Repo



Phase one of validation included mapping the organization’s internal capitalization data model to assigned parts of the OCF specification and ensuring OCF could conceptually model exported capitalization data. Here are validators from our coalition.

  • John Scrudato of Gunderson Dettmer
  • Patrick Johnmeyer and Pavitra Bhalla of LTSE
  • Jake Yavis and Sachin Shrestha of Morgan Stanley Shareworks
  • Joe Magon and Ty Carleton of Pulley

Code Contributors
Code contributors have directly worked on the OCF schemas, tooling and/or documentation and made contributions to the repository. Here are the code contributors from our coalition.

  • Rob Wise of Aumni
  • Tyler McConnell of Carta
  • John Scrudato of Gunderson Dettmer
  • Caroline Taymor, Patrick Johnmeyer, and Pavitra Bhalla of LTSE
  • Jake Yavis of Morgan Stanley Shareworks
  • Andrey Lebedev of Shoobx

Other Technical Ecosystem Members 
Technical Ecosystem members have actively participated in the OCF member comment process and/or OCF schema design and planning.  Here are the rest of the technical ecosystem members from our coalition.

  • Haoting Wang, Deepi Sidhu, and John Tylwalk of Addepar
  • Ben Hutchings of Aumni
  • Dan Owen, Eric Vogl, and Chris Pasakarnis of Carta
  • Ray Shan of LTSE
  • Andy Shawber of Perkins Coie
  • Ryan Carpenter of Morgan Stanley Shareworks
  • Stephan Richter of Shoobx